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About Me

Jack here. I’m the admin behind Best HD Antenna – a site for hardcore cord cutters.

I’ve been struggling to find a way to help friends and family cut the cord. My solution was to start Best HD Antennas to bridge the gap between just going straight to a streaming service and choosing a top rated TV antenna.

I also wanted my phone to stop ringing, or to stop having people ask me: “don’t you miss cable?” No, no I don’t miss paying $80 a month for television I don’t want.

Frugal Entertainment: The Goal

Half nerd and half frugal bachelor, Best HD Antenna brings together all of my knowledge of television antennas, including:

  • Top models that I know work well
  • Where to buy antennas, so you’re not ripped off
  • How to boost the range of an antenna
  • Positioning your antenna to get the maximum channels

It’s been a huge learning curve to get my television setup just right. But I’ve also become an expert of sorts being able to watch television via my antenna and get most of my favorite channels for free. It’s a great way to be “off the grid” in terms of cable.

Having extra money in my pocket is nice, too.

Resolving a Problem

There’s a problem when more people are spending money on television and barely have enough money to pay their rent. I know how it is to open up your cable bill to find that there’s another added fee piled on to the already-giant fee you pay for cable.

Television antennas bring me back to a time when I was a kid – when people were frugal.

This same technology can help solve a lot of people’s money woes, and it’s a problem we try to tackle on Best HD Antenna.

You don’t need cable to watch television.

That’s the secret I share on Best HD Antenna.