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Is it Legal to Use an HD Antenna? Uncover the Truth

Dec 15, 2017

You've read that you can watch a lot of free channels using a TV antenna, and you're really considering purchasing one. The problem is that you're not sure how legal it is to get television for free.

How Many Antenna TV Channels Can You Get for FREE

You've done it: you're saying goodbye to costly cable subscriptions. I hate how they try to lure you back in with a long contract and promises of a better rate for a little bit. The industry is predatory by nature, and the consumer is left paying rising cable bills even for channels they never watch.

4 Ways to Boost Your TV Antenna Signal

When you're trying to watch television using an over the air antenna, you'll find that there are times when the signal is weak. There are a lot of pros and cons to using a TV antenna , but a lot of the issues people face can be overcome with a few simple tips and techniques.

How to Install and Where to Put a TV Indoor Antenna

Once you've chosen and purchased a TV antenna, you may wonder how to install it and where. Installation is pretty simple and straightforward, but finding the right spot can be tricky.

How to Save Money With an Indoor TV Antenna

An indoor TV antenna saves you a ton of money. Whether you choose to install the TV Fox or the TV Surf, you're doing so for one reason: free, digital antenna channels. You're being frugal, and with rising cable costs, it only makes sense to cut one of your largest monthly bills.

The Pros and Cons of an Indoor TV Antenna

An indoor TV antenna gives you access to free television programming without a cable subscription. But just like any other device, there are advantages and disadvantages to installing an antenna in your home – or wherever.

TV Antenna Price Ranges and Difference in Quality

Should you buy a cheap TV antenna? Is there a difference between a high quality antenna? These are questions a lot of our readers ask us, and we wanted to address these questions publicly to clear up any confusion you may have before making your purchase.

Indoor TV Antenna Buying Guide

We don't need to convince you that you need a TV antenna – you already know that you do. But what you may not know is which antenna to choose.

Who Can Benefit from an Indoor TV Antenna?

Indoor TV antennas can be one of the most useful things you install in your home. Why? Because it saves you money – and quite a bit of money at that. We've talked a lot about how much money people spend on their cable bills each month, but it's worth repeating: the average person spends over $100 per month on TV.

What You Should Know Before Buying an Indoor TV Antenna

Where Can You Use an Indoor TV Antenna?

As you're searching for an indoor TV antenna, you may step back and say, "Hey, where can I even use this antenna?" Are you limited to installing it in just your home, or can you use it elsewhere?

Where to Buy the Best Indoor HDTV Antenna? 4 Top Retail Options

You want to make a smart purchase. And, no one wants to buy a subpar TV antenna that is shoddy and doesn't work well. No, this won't do. You need to know where to buy the best indoor TV antenna.

Why is TV Fox Our #1 Rated Antenna?

We've reviewed a number of different antennas, but our absolute favorite – #1 – pick is TV Fox. Sure, there are other great antennas on the market, but TV Fox offers just the right balance of value, features and design.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Indoor Antenna

If you purchase the best indoor TV antenna, you'll have great channels offered for free right on your television. It's a great investment, and a lot of people love the idea of saving money and having one less bill to pay every month.